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I offer a FREE consulting session to answer your questions regarding home purchase loans, refinancing your present home, reverse mortgages as well as FHA, VA and Jumbo loans.

I will also analyze your current loan and find ways to refinance your loan and lower your monthly payments. 

I can be reached at: (949) 677-5371


Hi, my name is John Salamy. I am a father and a family man. I have first hand experience in purchasing homes and know how difficult and stressful time it can be for a family. Since I have 40+ years of background in customer service and sales, I decided to become a loan advisor.

What Differentiates My Services From Others?

My unique approach in helping families and business investors start with a free consultation to learn about your goals, objectives, and concerns. Once I establish a baseline for helping you then I go to work to find the best solution for your family and or investment opportunity.
I have created a step by step process that enables me to be involved throughout your home buying and or investment process to ensure the transaction takes place smoothly and worry free. I will be in daily contact with the lender, escrow company, your realtor and provide you timely updates.

Do You Want to Lower Your Payments?

I offer a free consultation. I will go over your current loan and ask some questions in order to clarify your goals with you. I will make some suggestions and share information about some possibilities to help you achieve your goals.
Then I will go to work for you to find the best loan product that will enable us to help you achieve the results you desire.

Are You 62 of Age And Want to Eliminate Your mortgage?

If so, I offer a free consultation to help you understand the benefits and constraints of a reverse mortgage. In most cases, I have help clients pay off credit cards, have some money in the bank, and eliminate their mortgage payment.
I have the most rewarding time helping young couples finance their first home. As the father of a millennial son, I have a unique insight in working with young people. I never forgot what it was like starting out as a young.



John is a professional with years of experience in his field. I have had the great pleasure of working with him and i would highly recommend him for your mortgage experience

recommends Rescom Financial Services

I know John Salamy for more than five years, John was my Loan Officer John with his team at Rescom Financial Services helped me with my home loan. They were very professional and answered all my questions above and beyond expectations. It was a very smooth process and he was very good at following up with me. They’re very genuine people who really want to help. They gave me several options along the way crunching the numbers to see what would work out best for me without me having to ask them to do it. They kept me informed and up to date every step of the way. I highly recommend Rescom Financial Services.

John is very trust worthy & very knowledgeable about financial situations & how to best help a client. I highly recommend John at Rescom Financial Services!

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